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If you would like to discuss anything at all with me or would like more information on booking a session please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. 

(M): 07748 166 128

My therapy suite . . .

I can be found at the north side of central Berwick Upon Tweed at the Berwick Work Space buildings so parking is very easy to find. 

Lesley Paine Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Berwick Work Space, Boarding School Yard
90 Marygate, Berwick-upon-Tweed
TD15 1BN

I have had self esteem issues - Since I was a child. I always believed that I was stupid and that people never took me seriously. Since completing my session with Lesley, I feel very differently. I have excelled in my work and I now understand that I was my worst enemy in holding on to beliefs that were no longer relevant. Lesley is warm, kind and containing. I was able to let go during treatment due to her skill and congruence. Thank you Lesley. You have changed the way I view myself and the world.


I would highly recommend the hypnotherapy sessions with Lesley. I had several sessions with her and I was very impressed with the result. I did not know what to expect at first but Lesley explained the process in detail and put me at ease so I felt safe. The first session was amazing and I was astounded by how much of an impact it had one me as we were trying to relieve some of the anxiety I had been feeling. I had follow up sessions to help embed the process.

I think what makes Lesley unique is her high level of empathy and the fact that she really cares and wants to help. Her voice is very soothing and relaxing too which I think is so key in hypnotherapy sessions.


I came to Lesley to resolve a long standing issue i had with live public performance nerves. I had a very important performance to give to a large crowd and concern about it was marring my ability to focus. Lesley took me through this incredible hypnotherapy process which culminated in no nerves whatsoever and a very successful performance in front of around 200 of my peer group. For me this is a real game changer and I cannot recommend Lesley highly enough.